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Soya Proteins

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Isolated Soya Protein


Soya Protein is a complete high quality protein, free from cholesterol and lactose. Isolates have high water absorption values. It possesses both emulsifying and emulsions stabilizing properties, an excellent binder of fat and water, and is good adhesive agents. In meat products high viscosity Isolate provides strong gel strength through exceptionally high water binding. It is widely used in meat industry due to its moisture and fat binding properties and emulsion stabilizers.

It is used s a substitute for replacement of meat proteins, Preparation of meat analogues due to meat like texture, Meat patties, sausages, Meat balls, Minced meat applications, Hamburgers, Pasted meat products, Meat pieces, Poultry products, Prawns, Coarsely ground meats such as pizza toppings, Beef patties and Mexcian fillings, Frankfurters and Bologna, Whole muscle meat, Meat curing brines, Cured meat industry, Fish sausage and surmai based restructured fish products in emulsion type sausages.

Grades Available:
  • Isolated Soya Protein (EV Grade)
  • Isolated Soya Protein (PF Grade)
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