Exports – Why AGREX?

We, as a team has always implemented steps to create a strong niche in the International markets for introducing our Up market products and services. Our innovations and attitude towards International trading have also contributed to a continuous growth of the global business environment by adopting our unique and latest trends of Manufacturing, Packaging, Labeling/Branding, Pre-shipment Quality Control measures and Post-shipment updates for our valued customers.

Location | Resources | Information flow

Being located in the business hub of Central India neighboring most of the agricultural industries gives us an edge in our business. Not only sourcing the product from the origin allows us to be competitive but the old long term relationships with producers & farmers makes us avail the resources rapidly in today’s perfect competition market. The flow of information is first hand which allows us to remain posted about new updates and recent trends/developments in commodities.

Dealer Network

We are associated with very genuine end users & International traders of the world. We keep our team targeted towards exploring newer markets all around the world. So far our core export markets are: • Indian subcontinent • East Asia • South East Asia • Middle East • Eurasia • Western Europe • North Africa • West Africa (Show map here)

High End Packaging | Solutions

We use the most genuine and durable packaging for our products meant for exports. Our packaging is manufactured out of only Virgin raw materials which allow facing number of handling from the point of origin till its destination. The use of Food grade sterile packages are commonly used to ensure the safety of our final product. The pictures of our packages can be referred at this web page.

Quality Policy | Control

With an industrial experience and market review of more than 50 years, we have understood very clearly that “Quality is the key to generating Business gains and Users”. Agrex has been accredited as an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Organization in 2011 and HALAL certified Supplier in 2012. The endeavourer for continuous improvement shall remain mission of every employee and the management. We restrict our goods to be shipped to the customer before they are being examined or physically tested by the Third party Inspectors/Labs to ensure that the quality of the material meets our customer’s standards.

Shipments | Procedures | Time Management

With an application of strategic management, the team has shown consciousness towards the timely deliveries of cargo to our customers. We are proud that we’ve hardly faced time deficit problems in shipment of material as we source the material firstly in our premises wherein processing, packing, labeling, marking, stuffing, palletizing, loading, third party pre-shipment inspections & related tasks are performed in order. Time management right from the stage of procurement until the shipment of goods is sincerely followed.